Organic Fabrics
Responsible & Ethical Production
Plastic-free accessories
GOTS Certified Fabrics and Biodegradable Materials

Creating truly sustainable and eco-friendly products for us means going beyond using biodegradable and natural materials. We use only GOTS-certified organic fabrics that help reduce the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals in farming and processing. We source our fabrics as close as possible, so seeing as we are based in Romania, our fabrics and accessories come from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands from manufacturers. This method also helps us reduce CO2 emissions in transportation and also supports the nearby economy.

Sustainable manufacturing

Our workshop in Cluj, Transylvania, Romania is where our dedicated team oversees the entire production process, from fabric sourcing to prototyping and creating exquisite final products. With our made-to-order approach, we prioritize eco-consciousness, minimizing our carbon footprint and eliminating excess stock.
Our decision to manufacture in Romania reflects our commitment to prioritizing environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions through local production. In addition, we actively support short supply chains and foster the growth of small and medium-sized craft enterprises, generating positive social impact within our community.


We are committed to providing our employees with fair living wages, a comfortable, modern working environment, and paying honest living wages to workers, regardless of race, gender or religion.
We make sure that our suppliers and manufacturing partners share our ethical values before we begin working with them.

Our Manufacturing Partners

We’re proud to work with manufacturing partners that share our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. Our partners’ factory, located in Cristuru Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania, upholds similar standards of working conditions and worker safety as we do at our own workshop.

Our partner’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification guarantees social compliance, environmentally friendly production, certified organic content, and traceability of all these criteria within the textile supply chain.

What doesn’t return to nature doesn’t belong on our clothes.

All our accessories, from buttons to belt buckles, are made 100% from organic materials such as wood, seashell, Corozo nut, and ceramic.
We believe it is crucial to prioritize plastic-free options to reduce environmental harm and protect our oceans and wildlife.

By choosing handmade accessories, we support independent artisans, promote fair trade, and celebrate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.
Our goal is to provide you with accessories that align with your values and empower you to make a positive impact on the world, one stylish choice at a time.

100% Recyclable or Compostable Packaging

At ETISHE, we prioritize sustainability throughout our packaging process. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, which includes swing tags, clothing labels, and boxes.
Our packaging materials are locally sourced, meeting strict clean air policies, and all our prints are created using eco-friendly ink, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Join us in our mission to reduce packaging waste in the fashion industry and embrace a greener future.

Supporting Environmental Organizations

At ETISHE, we are dedicated to building a sustainable and zero-impact fashion business. However, we also recognize the importance of supporting NGOs that tackle global issues affecting us all. That’s why, from the very beginning, we commit to donating a portion of our profits to environmental NGOs.

Currently, we proudly contribute to Agent Green NGO, an environmental protection agency based in Romania. Their mission is to preserve and safeguard Europe’s last virgin forests and wildlife, promoting biodiversity conservation.
Join us in making a difference through our sustainable fashion initiatives and support for environmental causes.